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Preschool Beach Theme

Learn how your comment data is processed. This post contains affiliate links. Beach Activities For Preschool 1. Preschool Lesson Plans For more ocean, beach, and sea animal activities including circle time lessons, crafts, a book list, and even a fingerplay check out our Under The Sea thematic unit. Like this post? Share it with a friend!

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You may also like these posts. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Add string and a magnet for the children to fish for! Or, place water, rocks, seaweed and real goldfish in the pool! Flip paper over and the children design their own beach towel with paint. Encourage the use of mixing colors, patterns, dots, etc. Provide hard plastic drinking cups and a seashell.

Preschool Beach Theme

The children place a shell under one cup and move the cups around. Don't have a net? It's okay Many of these books are available at your local library of you can click the title links below to find them on Amazon. I LOVE Amazon, and if you choose to get yours there, they do send me a few cents--which supports my coffee habit! Return To Top. Provide a sand pail full of seashells for the children to investigate. Provide plates or bowls for them to sort by size, color, type, etc. Program them using dry erase markers. Program with letters match the letter A pail with the letter A shovel ; numbers match the number 1 pail with the shovel that has 1 dot on it or by color.

Tape numbers or letters on each! I enjoy anything by Raffi but this song and the next one are classical favorites! Here is the link to the book and the CD if you're looking to add them to your collection! There is a 20th Anniversary CD that might have both these songs on them as well as all the other Raffi faves, but I couldn't find a table of contents for it. It might save you a little money to buy the collection if it has all the songs you need on it! Sing this song with the kids! Perfect for a Beach Theme! Add body motions to the lines You might also make a flannel board set to go with it.

This is a favorite all year long!

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Add sand pails and sand molds for the children to build with. Another great option is Sand Dough by Brookstone. Click the picture to the right to read more about it. These are pretty amazing!

Preschool Ocean Theme Math Activities

The materials you need are listed below. The shells to the right are ones my daughter purchased for me for my birthday with my first Hermit Crab years ago See the "I Love You Mom" shell?! You can purchase them in most pet or fish stores. My daughter purchased ours at the local mall where they had a kiosk of awesome hermit crabs! You can also have them shipped!

Check out the options below.

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Both are from a company called Nature Gift Store. Kids are fascinated with this song!

I have seen a handful of fun song videos that have intrigued my kids. Check them out! This also will help strengthen fine motor skills!


These can be used individually as a math center or in a small group. The pom poms represent the pearls in this color matching activity. This helps the children see the different colors and help match them. Ocean Shells Graphing from One Time Through Graphing is an important math skill that can be introduced to preschoolers.

Kids will enjoy this math graphing idea because it is actually graphing with the shells. This is the epitome of hands-on math!

Let's Go To The Beach - English Songs For Kids

These are our favorite books that correlate with an ocean theme and are enjoyable for little minds! This is a great way to encourage children to practice alphabet matching. Fine Motor Crab Letter Grab from Turner Tots This fine motor activity is a fantastic way to introduce and practice letters while strengthening an important skill. Children are to identify letters while picking up fine motor skill the matching letter. Ocean Beginning Sounds from Planning Playtime These adorable ocean animal letter cards are the perfect way to help children with letter identification, recognition as well as beginning sounds!

Kids can get some sun, play with water and still be learning! Ocean Theme Sensory Bottle from Preschool Inspirations These ocean animals, in this discovery bottle, are staying suspended — just like in the ocean.