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Also want to let folks know that the Music of the H. Lovecraft Literary Podcast Volume Two is now available with a donation of or more. And if you donate or more you also get […] HPPodcraft. Lovecraft Literary Podcast […]. Is it bad that I genuinely look forward to the terrible stories more than the fantastic ones sometimes? The de Castro episodes are just so damn entertaining. Bad story.

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Produced by Monogram Pictures, directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. Perhaps Mr. Wood will write the screenplay. Bonus: Criswell the psychic introtroduces the film, speaking of the unspeakable fear of electricutions that our hero has, a fear greater than a death row prisoner!

What's It Like to Be a Death Row Executioner in America?

Chad and Chris, great job making what sounds like an absolutely god-awful train-wreck of a story so entertaining! Just wanted to make a quick pronunciation nitpick of Gloucester and Innsmouth. It sounds like Gloster, not sure exactly why, I put it down to the local accent which comes from mainly abominable fishermen and fishfolk in general, On that score Innsmouth sfar as I know should sound like Innsmuth. Thanks for the show!

This story kills me because of the squandered potential. Exotic locales! A crazy man on a train! What was the madman looking at out in the darkness?

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  • No Wind of Blame.

Was the narrator late for his wedding? The Mound, though, is a story that I have been looking forward to since I began listening to this podcast.

Wait a minute, is this story trying to say the main character is the creator of the device and that he is really the maniac? It would explain why he works in a lab, but still makes no sense. And yes, Nick, that is what the story says.

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The man in the train was some sort of psychic projection of Feldon-in-the-mine. Hmmm, interesting comments, thanks for the follow up Chris. And he was a total ghost when writing this. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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The Last Executioner

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